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BIRLA INDUSTRIAL & TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, a unit under National Council of Science Museums, the parent body of all the science Centres / Museums in India.
Fascinating Physics
Physics, the branch of science, which aims at unraveling the mysteries of the physical world and nature, systematically on the firm footing of observation, experiment and logic, is now unfolding itself in a more ‘fascinating’ manner in BITM in the Fascinating Physics Gallery. The Classical Physics section of this gallery has 28 interactive exhibits on Mechanics, Gravitation, Light and Electromagnetic Waves. The Modern Physics section of the gallery takes you to the microcosm of subatomic particles, to the edges of the universe where black holes and pulsars reside, to a super cool region near the absolute zero temperature and all such forbidden areas! The 38 exhibits with eye-catching visuals, working models, animations, video, multimedia, unmanned quiz and other presentation techniques make one’s experience enthralling.
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