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Underground mock-up coal mine
We are immensely curious about how a coal-mine does look like and what is happening deep down below the ground in that dark world. Visit to a real coal-mine being strictly restricted, visitors to BITM’s Mock up coal mine, the only one of its kind in India, get a rare and firsthand experience of all these facts. The air circulation and illumination techniques inside the mine, in spite of its great depth and extreme darkness, are presented here. One can have an idea of the coal cutting methods - both manual and mechanical, how coal is transported out of the mine, why the tunnel does not collapse after the excavation of coal, what are the safety measures adopted etc.

This mock up coal mine brings to the visitors all such unknown, absorbing and unique facts of the subterranean world. The 30 min. ‘Light & Sound Show’ inside the Coal Mine commences from 10.30 onwards. (entry fee Rs. 10/- per head for general public but Rs. 4/- per head for school students in group)
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